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Here’s a post by TopNotchThemes.  I think it could be of interest to you, let me know what you think in the comments below.  If it’s *not* something you’re into, let me know anyway, because what it’s all about is tailor-making this site to fit what you want to hear about, not what I think you want to see.  Anyway, this theme is a great one for blogs and that’s why I think it works here.  Blog, Minimalist, Responsive WordPress Themes, that’s the categories this theme fits into perfectly.

So, we’ve got another lovely minimalist theme, it’s clean and simple and so far, knock on wood, it’s god a perfect 5.0 rating on ThemeForest.  This blog theme is clean, clear, it supports plenty of social networking plugins and addons to help integrate things like Twitter, Instagram and more.  With a theme like Inspiront, there’s precious little you cant do to create a winning WordPress theme for all purposes, for all seasons.

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